1954 Limited Edition Watch - Daniel Philip

This watch is the second Watch designed and produced by Designer Daniel Philip And is a limited Edition. Once Stock has been sold out it will no longer be made.  

Introducing the 1954 Watch by Designer Daniel Philip:

Inspired by the relentless pursuit of excellence and the indomitable human spirit, the 1954 Watch by Daniel Philip pays homage to one of the most iconic moments in sports history—the breaking of the 4-minute mile barrier. This timepiece is a testament to the unwavering belief that with determination and innovation, there are no limits, and all records can be shattered.

The 1954 Watch is a masterpiece of elegance and precision. Its sleek and sophisticated design captures the essence of timeless style, making it suitable for any occasion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the watch features a stainless steel case that exudes durability and sophistication. The minimalist dial showcases a captivating pattern, reminiscent of the running tracks where history was made.

Much like the athletes who pushed the boundaries in 1954, this watch sets new standards in performance. Powered by a cutting-edge Japan Miyota movement, it promises unparalleled accuracy and reliability. With every glance, you will be reminded that achieving greatness requires unwavering commitment, just like the athletes who broke barriers in the pursuit of greatness.

The 1954 Watch by Daniel Philip is more than just a timekeeping device; it is a symbol of determination and resilience. Whether you're in a boardroom making strategic decisions or on the track chasing your own dreams, this watch serves as a constant reminder that you, too, can achieve the impossible.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the watch features a supple leather strap that adapts to your wrist's shape, ensuring a snug fit for all-day wear. Its lightweight construction allows you to go about your daily endeavors effortlessly, embodying the essence of freedom and movement.

The 1954 Watch comes in a specially designed collector's box that echoes the elegance and significance of its inspiration. Enclosed within is a certificate of authenticity, attesting to the watch's exceptional craftsmanship and the story it represents.

Own a piece of history and celebrate the triumph of human potential with the 1954 Watch by Designer Daniel Philip. Embrace the spirit of breaking barriers, and let this timepiece be a constant companion in your pursuit of greatness. There are no limits, remember, It's time.

" I have been wearing this watch for 8 months. Surfing, Working, and chacing my dreams"

Only 5000 Were made. 

2500 Silver
2500 Gold 

Each Watch comes with a 3-year warranty along with an official ownership and authenticity Card NFC certificate

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